Studio Integrated Backup Audio - Switch Audio

The updated UI in Studio now includes an option to switch a webcam/mic source over to a backup phone option. The switch to the backup audio line can be done by the Webcast Manager, Webcast Producer, or the presenter themselves. This guide will show how to configure and use the new backup audio option.                      

Configuring the Backup Number

Presenter Self-Config:

Presenters may navigate to the upper right corner of the console where their device controls exist today. By clicking the menu, they will have the “Switch Audio” option.     

Editing another user’s source:
Webcast Managers and Producers may edit another user’s source. This can be done on the fly or can be configured in advance. By clicking to open the menu in the sources list, a new dropdown option for the source “Switch Audio” is now available.


Once the “Switch Audio” module appears, the country and user’s phone number can be entered. Selecting “Call” will result in Studio immediately calling the number entered. Selecting “Save” will save this number as an option for the future and the module can be closed.

Connecting Backup Audio
Selecting “Call” will close the setup module and you will see Studio dialing out to the configured number in the sources list.

Once a connection is made, the source and control options will update. The webcam thumbnail will switch to a phone graphic and the icon for muting will switch to a phone to show this source has been updated to a different type.

If you need to switch back to the webcam, the option to reconnect the webcam appears after selecting “Hang Up”.



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