What is a Scene Designer?

 The Scene Designer is accessible in the Producer Tool of the presenter console.  This designer allows you to choose from a library of pre-defined layouts.  Define the structure and build the storyboard of your webcast by placing live and pre-defined sources into the scene. 


When a layout is selected, the list of available sources added in the Presenter Console (e.g. presenters, studio feeds, pre-recorded video) will display on the left-hand side.  You can drag and drop a source into its desired pod, on the right-hand side, or select which pod (A, B, C, etc.…) the source should reside in. 

Additionally, you can enable “Auto Switch Active Speaker”.  This will display the person currently speaking in the most prominent pod in the scene.


Click here for a complete training video.
*The scene designer is only available with Broadcast Studio.

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