What is Webcast Alert Warning Message and How do you reset webcast activity?

The Webcast Alert Warning message is a message that is displayed whenever there is any activity in a webcast, like starting or stopping the webcast.



The "Reset Activity" feature is found in the Tools Menu of Studio Webcasting.

Reset Activity is used to permanently delete user activity from the webcast (including attendee metrics & reporting).

This feature is typically used to remove test activity prior to the opening of the webcast. This tool should not be used once a webcast has been accessed by attendees.

Use extreme caution when resetting webcast activity as the purged data is irrecoverable. 

The list below includes all areas of a standalone webcast that can be reset:

Webcast Login Activity
Handouts Activity
Webcast Questions & Answers
Webcast Polling Responses
Webcast Attendees
Group Chat Activity
Invite A Friend Activity
Social Media Activity
Test Activity
Attendee Checkpoint Activity

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