Can I add/remove fields from reports in the data portal?

Q: Can I add/remove fields from reports in the data portal?

A: It depends on the version of the metrics in use:

  • Version 2.0
    No, we cannot add new fields to the stock reports. We can use the Report Builder to generate new custom reports and include additional fields and surveys as needed
  • Previous Versions
    Yes, the Drilldown Report Setup tool allows you to select what fields will display in all stock reports within the data portal for your webcast. Simply select Report Setup from the list or reports, then check the boxes for each field you would like to see in your reports. Fields that are not checked will not appear in any stock reports.

    After completing your updates in the report setup tool, regenerate the reports to see the updated fields list.

    NOTE: You can also reorder the fields in the Drilldown Report Setup tool by entering digits in the Order field. The fields will display from left to right in your reports, in order from loNotified value to highest value starting with 0.
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