What is a Custom UDF, how can I create one, and how can I add it to my Registration Page in Studio Webcasting?

UDF stands for User Defined Field (aka Custom User Field). UDFs are Tenant-specific and used in registration to gather additional data from registrants. UDFs can be added in Studio Webcasting under the Tools Menu > Custom User Fields.


Follow the steps below to create a Custom UDF and to add it to your Registration Page:


Create a Custom UDF

Step 1:

Click the blue plus button in the upper right-hand corner to create a new UDF.


Step 2:

Within the Create Custom User Field menu, you can enter the Description for internal reference.


The Grouping will remain User Fields.


You may select a Data Type to indicate what validation will be applied to the field:

String: A string of text

Number: Number validation

Integer: An integer validation (This validation applies to the “Text Area” Entry Type only.)

Date: A date validation

Logical: A true or false validation using a checkbox field


Entry type options will vary depending on which Data Type is selected.


For example, if you would like to create an opt-in checkbox option, you would select the Data Type “Logical” then select the “Checkbox” Entry Type.


Step 3:

Enable the “Required” button if you want completion of the field to be required by users.


Step 4:

Select “Save” in the lower right-hand corner.


Add the UDF to the Registration Page

Step 1:

Navigate to REGISTRATION and select the applicable registration page.


Step 2:

Select FIELDS and click the blue plus button.



Step 3:

Click on the SELECT EXISTING tab. Navigate to the Custom User Field you just created and make sure it is selected.



Step 4:

Select “Save”.


Step 5:

To the left of the field, select the  icon to drag and drop the field to its desired location.  Repeat this for any other fields you wish to reorder.



Step 6:

Select “Save” button in the lower right-hand corner and use the “Customize” and “Preview” buttons in the lower left-hand corner to make additional edits to or preview your Registration page.



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