15.8.5 Studio & Event Platform (VX) Product Release Notes - 3.3.23

Below are the release notes for the 15.8.5 Studio & Event Platform (VX) Product Release. The 15.8.5 release takes place on Friday, March 3rd, 2023 for the NA data center and on Tuesday, March 6th, 2023 for the APAC cloud environment.


Studio Virtual Backgrounds 

Webcam sources in the Studio presenter console now have the ability to apply a Virtual Background to their streaming video. This allows the user to select an image or apply a blur effect to appear behind them in the video stream.

Each webcam presenter can choose to apply any of the 10 available stock background images, or a standard blur, to their video stream, after connecting their camera to the presenter console. A staffer with the Source List Control right can also do this for other online webcam sources via the source list.


A webcam user may also choose to upload a custom image from their own machine to be applied as the Virtual Background, instead of using one of the stock images or blur. 
Custom Image Recommended Specs 
Min Size: 640 x 360 px 
Max Size: 1920 x 1080 px 
File Type: jpeg, jpg, png, gif (static image only) 
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
NOTE: Images outside of these specs are supported, but may be stretched or scaled to fit the media stream. 

Please note: Virtual Backgrounds are available only to Staffer sources and are not supported for Attendee sources added by the Promote Attendee to Stage feature.

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Promote Attendee to Stage 

A new engagement panel within Studio, called Promote Attendee to Stage, will provide attendees with the ability to request to join the presenters on webcam and microphone to ask questions, or provide their thoughts, during a live webcast. The feature will help increase viewer engagement during the Q&A or open discussions throughout the course of a webcast.

Within a new panel in Studio, attendees will be able to request to join the webcast via webcam as soon as the webcast goes live. Submitting a request enters them into a queue for presenters to see during the webcast, allowing the request to be approved or rejected by a presenter. Each attendee is also able to cancel their request while waiting in queue in case they no longer wish to join live. 



Once an attendee has been approved to join the webcast, they are able to preview, test, hide or mute their camera and microphone to ensure both are functioning correctly in Studio. They can also disconnect their webcam and microphone at this time, subsequently removing themselves from the queue. They also gain access to a private text chat with the presenters after being approved. These capabilities remain available until the user is disconnected, returning them to the default attendee experience and removing them from the queue. 

When an attendee requests to join the webcast live, presenters can review each request as they come in to approve or reject them. Once approved, the attendee is added as a new source to be added to the scene when ready. Presenters can then disconnect the user, removing them from the queue, after the attendee has finished asking their question.



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Automated Multi-Language Subtitles 

The automated subtitle feature has been updated to support languages other than English. Subtitles can be enabled in 26 different languages and the ability to define the spoken language/dialect of the webcast is now available.

English to English Automated Subtitles are always available to configure within any Live, Simulive, or On Demand Studio webcast, and Multi-Language Automated Subtitles can be enabled by request at no additional cost. 

Within the presenter console, one or many subtitle tracks can be enabled on the media player. For simulive and on demand webcasts, you can choose to have some languages use automated subtitles and others use an uploaded SRT file for subtitles.



Once the webcast is live, viewers will be able to select from the list of available subtitle languages. The subtitles will display directly on top of the media player. 


When the webcast or recording has ended, the subtitles will be available for editing before placing the webcast on demand. Every language that was enabled with Automated Subtitles will be available in the on demand playback of the webcast. 

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Resolved Issues 

  • Addressed misalignment of buttons and icons within the Studio Lobby Experience editor
  • Addressed html rendering on the Digital Events (VX) Activity Digest email
  • Addressed the staffer list in space builder not being fully visible when a staffer had a long name.
  • Addressed the staffer names not displaying in the staffer list in space builder after adding a staffer.




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