15.8.6 Studio & Event Platform (VX) Product Release Notes - 3.10.23

Below are the release notes for 15.8.6 Studio & Event Platform (VX) Product Release.  The 15.8.6 release takes place on Friday, March 10th, 2023 for the NA data center and on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 for the APAC cloud environment.

This guide highlights changes introduced in the 15.8.6 release of the Studio & Event Platform (VX) and associated products.

Video Roundtable Settings

Updated the below labels in the Event Platform (VX) admin portal and space/booth builder:  

  • Event Admin > Creating a new session - renamed the Presentation Type “Chat Room” to “Roundtable”
  • Event Admin > Creating a new session - renamed the Presentation Type setting from “Allow Voice/Video” to “Video Roundtable Session”
  • Space Builder Setup > Features section - renamed “Scheduled Breakout Rooms” to “Video Roundtables”
  • Space Builder Setup > Steps sections, renamed: 
    • “Scheduled Breakout Rooms” step to “Video Roundtables”
    • “Scheduled Breakout Rooms” default label to “Video Roundtables”
    • “Setup a breakout room” help text to “Set up a video roundtable”
  • Space Builder - renamed “Scheduled Breakout Rooms” left navigation label to “Video Roundtables”
  • Space Builder > Video Roundtable Configuration; renamed: 
    • "Scheduled Breakout Rooms" title to "Video Roundtables"
    • "Create/schedule breakout rooms." text to "Create/schedule Video Roundtables"
    • "Breakout Room List" to "Video Roundtable List"
    • "Add Breakout room" to "Add Video Roundtable"

Other Platform Updates

  • Addressed an issue with “media mode” within the Studio presenter console, where if the mode Audio Only was enabled for a source, the source was still receiving as if set to Audio & Video.



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