16.1.3 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release Notes - July 14, 2023

Below are the release notes for the 16.1.3 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release, which took place on Friday, July 14, 2023 for the NA data center and the APAC cloud environment.


  • Updated the audio meter bar within the presenter console to be compatible for speakers on Safari browser.

  • Addressed an issue with the “switch audio” feature in the presenter console, where when using “switch audio” any source that had previously used the feature automatically had their audio and video muted.

  • Addressed an issue in the presenter console with the audio gain feature in the producer tool, where if the speaker mutes and unmutes themselves, the audio returns to the way it originally sounded (before the gain was adjusted). Also, the number that was set for the gain does not change. Once an attempt is made to re-adjust the gain, the audio corrects itself to the set level.
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