16.1.7 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release Notes - August 18, 2023

Below are the release notes for the 16.1.7 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release, which took place on Friday, August 18, 2023 for the NA data center and the APAC cloud environment.


  • Added CSS to enable scrolling in Subtitle Language selection menu in Media Player.

  • Fixed an issue with Automated Subtitles not triggering when Multi-Language Subtitles are DISABLED when adding an automated subtitle track without restarting the Studio engine.

  • Updated Accessibility Layouts to allow Info widgets to display custom label text and be re-ordered.

  • Fixed an issue with copying a presentation in a Virtual Event causing a blank page to appear.

  • Fixed an issue when trimming media in an area without subtitles in a Media Version with over 54k total subtitles.
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