16.3 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release Notes - September 29, 2023

Below are the release notes for the 16.3 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release, which took place on Friday, September 29, 2023 for the NA data center and will take place on Friday, October 25th for the APAC cloud environment.


    Added language support for Swedish across all of Studio Webcasting and Digital Events.

  • Updated the platform with missing language translations across all supported languages.

  • Added the ability for a staffer to remove another staffer from the presenter console. Any staffer with the staffer right “Add/Edit/Delete” will have access to remove another staffer.

  • Updated the “My Agenda” host space to include the language alternate option for the title field.

  • Addressed an issue where chat entries could not be deleted in an on-demand Studio webcast.

  • Addressed an issue with the legacy Studio Q&A panel where private responses were not appearing until the viewer refreshed their browser.

  • Addressed an issue with the Studio Webcasting 2.0 attendance report where it was not returning the full list of live viewers.

  • Addressed an issue with the media mode, where if an Admin had a mode other than “Send & Receive Both Video & Audio”, they were unable to update the background effects for other staffers.

  • Addressed an issue with the abstract panel within a Studio webcast not displaying in other languages besides English.

  • Updated the display order of handouts within Studio to reflect the order they are saved in vs. displaying them in order by upload date.

  • Addressed an issue with the webcast recorder list in Studio webcasting, where the download button under the actions tab was returning a “file not found”.

  • Addressed an issue in Trivia host space, where a game could not be deleted if there were multiple games configured.

  • Addressed an issue with uploading multiple image slides at the same time.
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