16.7 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release Notes - November 03, 2023

Below are the release notes for the 16.7 Studio & Digital Events Platform Product Release, which took place on Friday, November 03, 2023 for the NA data center and the APAC cloud environment.

Who's Here
Currently available on NA data center only. APAC coming soon! 
The new “Who’s Here” page displays Attendees, Sponsors, and Speakers that are currently logged into the event, with an updated modern design:


  • The new Who’s Here page is available within all templates (3D, 2D Flow, Galaxy) to add to your top navigation menus.
    Note: The Who’s Here page is not supported on mobile devices when using the 3D template.

  • Upon visiting the Who’s Here page, the total count of users online at that time will be visible in the upper right corner, and details for up to 200 of the most recently logged-in users will be displayed. Search across all online users by name, company, or job title, and refine those results further by choosing to view only Attendees, Sponsors, or Speakers.

  • Results will always display the user’s own profile first with the ability to edit their profile details from there. For all other users, click their photo to view additional profile details, or the chat and mail buttons to connect with them through our existing communication center functionality.

  • Any logged in users can appear on this page by default. Add the “Opt out of Who’s Here” profile field to allow users to remove themselves from displaying in this page if they’d prefer. The overall count of online users will still include those who have opted-out of their details appearing on the Who’s Here page.

    Note: This profile field applies only to this new Who’s Here page. They will still appear in other features that display users’ details if also configured for the event; eg: Lounge, in-booth Staffer/Attendees


Export Transcripts & Subtitles

The ability to export SRT and transcript files from a Studio webcast is now available within the Presenter Console > Tools > Manage Media menu.

  • Click the ‘cc’ icon on any media version that has subtitles and click the new Export Subtitles button to add a title, choose the file format(s) desired (HTML, PDF, SRT, Word), and select if this export should be added directly as a Handout within the webcast and/or downloaded to your computer. The title will be used as the filename and the label of the Handout.


  • If a webcast does not have subtitles yet, they can first be generated using the existing Automated Subtitles feature, and then exported as needed.

Articles of interest:
Configuring Studio Automated Subtitles
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Additional Platform Updates

  • The Promote Attendee to Stage feature is now available to enable in Studio Accessible Layouts

  • Addressed an issue within Hive-enabled webcasts where attendees using Safari experienced intermittent slide advance delays

  • Updated slide advancement to not show the initial slide when moving from one deck to another, and addressed an issue with adding a second PowerPoint slide deck

  • Updated Registration and Dashboard reports to display Chinese & Japanese characters properly

  • Fixed an issue where the first request from a user to promote them to stage can be accepted, but subsequent attempts for that user were not supported.

  • Addressed an issue when adding images, to preserve the order in which they were uploaded

  • Fixed an issue where using the “%” symbol, for example as a length unit for table widths, within HTML content would cause the host space to not render properly.




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