How to Use Polling Questions in a Webcast

Before you begin, confirm the Slides panel is active in your webcast console

Polling functionally will ONLY display when the Slides panel is present.  If you need to activate the Slides panel, follow the below steps.  If you don't have the ability to activate the Slides panel, you can reach us for assistance by completing the form on this link

  1. Select the LAYOUT menu
  2. Click CUSTOMIZE

3. Select PANELS
4. Click SLIDES and check ACTIVE


5. Select LAYOUT and move the Slide panel to its desired location
6.  Click SAVE



Adding the Polling question

  1. Select the SLIDES menu
  2. Click POLLING

3. Insert the Polling question including the following:

- Title
- Question
- Response Type (Radio Buttons or Multi-Select)
- Answers
- Include results slide
- Set slide as Chapter
- Click SAVE


If the results slide is included, it will display after the Polling question slide.


When the webcast is live, the Polling results slide will display percentages AND totals for Staffers.


The Polling results slide will ONLY display percentages for attendees.

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