How do I provide a registration confirmation with a payment receipt to attendees requesting a copy?

Q. How do I provide a registration confirmation with a payment receipt to attendees requesting a copy?


A.  Clients do not have the rights to access the delivered email on their end. If a receipt is needed, please open a ticket with the Solutions Team asking to resend the confirmation with a receipt for their payment.

Confirmation emails can be resent using User menu available under “Tools” in Studio Webcasting.

Once inside the Users menu, search for the attendee's name or email address:

Click on the user's name / email row to edit the user's profile. Under “Registration Information” click the arrow to expand the menu. Under Resend Confirmation you will see the “Resend” button. (Note: If there is any custom configuration for the registration confirmation emails, then this button shouldn’t be used and this should be done in PB or by Solutions).

Click the Resend button and see a notification pop-up asking if you are sure you want to send the email. Once you click OK, the email will be re-sent to that specific user.

Since the payment information only appears using a parse variable, it will only pull the information for the specific email address, even if you scheduled the email to another email address. The same receipt can not be emailed to two different users.

However, there are three other options to view the same receipt:

  1.  Have the attendee forward the email to those who need it.
  2.  Have the client screenshot the payment information from within their PayPal account and   send that via personal email.
  3.  Screenshot the registration activity and send that via personal email instead of through the system.   
    1. For this option, see the steps below:
      • Go to Studio Webcasting > Tools > Registration Options > Activity. Search for the user's email address, then click on their email address from the search options
      • Take a screenshot of this section below and send via personal email

Note - The Unique User ID Link should not be included in the screenshot. This should not be shared with multiple users as it is unique for each attendee and can only be used by one user at a time.


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