What OpCode should I use to return specific API results?

Q: I need the API to return the below fields at minimum; what OpCodes should I use?

  • ShowKey
  • Title
  • Owner
  • Starts
  • Expires
  • On Demand
  • External ID
  • Category


Get a list of Shows and some attributes via User API (LASCmd=AI:4;F:APIUTILS!50500) OpCodeList F

  • ShowKey
  • Title
  • ShowOpen
  • ShowClose
  • ShowTypeDesc (Category)


For a given ShowKey, get a list of presentations and details via Show Setup API (LASCmd=AI:4;F:APIUTILS!50565) InfoTypeFilter E

  • OnDemand flag
  • EventCode (External ID)


That leaves “Owner”, which is not currently available via the APIs.


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