Where do I create a Survey in Studio Webcasting?

In Studio Webcasting, you can add surveys to your webcast by expanding the TOOLS menu in the main navigation and selecting Surveys:



When you reach the Survey menu, click on the blue (+) icon:



You can either create “ADD NEW” to create a new survey or “COPY” to copy a survey from any webcast in this tenant.



Selecting “ADD NEW” will open a new menu where you can add a title to your new survey and start populating questions by clicking on the big blue (+) icon:



This button will open a new menu where you can populate your survey with questions. Enter your question text, select whether you want the question to be “required” or optional, and the question type. Once you’ve configured the question, add the answers by clicking on the answer field and start typing. When you are ready to add a new question, click on the “Add New Item…” field and start typing your new answer. A new field will be generated when you do so. To reorganize the answers, just drag them by the sorting icon on the left of the field () until you have them in the order you want them to display.



Once you are done adding and sorting your answers, click “SAVE”. Add additional questions until you are done configuring your survey. Don’t forget to click “SAVE” before leaving!


Alternatively, you can copy a survey from any webcast in your tenant by choosing “COPY” from the main SURVEY menu:


Picking this option will expose the “COPY SURVEY” menu, where you can use the dropdown menu to find the webcast in the current tenant from which you want to copy a survey to your current webcast. Once you have found the webcast the survey you want to copy is located, this menu will show the surveys in that webcast for you to select. Add a title to your copied survey and click on “SAVE”. You now have copied the survey from the previous webcast into your current webcast.




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