Can I manually register a user for an existing webcast?

Q: Can I manually register a user for an existing webcast?

A: Yes. You can register an individual user using the Users list in the Tools menu in each webcast. 

See the steps below for completing this process:

  1. Enter existing standalone webcast from Studio Webcasting home page
  2. Select Tools > Users

  3. Enter email address you are trying to register and click SEARCH
  4. If user does not exist, click + button on right side of menu to create a new user. If user already exists, skip to step 9.
  5. Insert new user's Name and lowercase Email Address in respective fields
  6. Copy/Paste lowercase email address into Login ID and Password fields
    1. NOTE: If your registration and login pages require a custom password, you will need to trigger a password reset for this user to setup their password after registration. See the link below for steps to reset their password.
  7. Input additional profile information, if desired, and save changes
  8. Repeat step 3 to search for new user
  9. Select Register button to complete registration for this attendee
  10. Inform the user they have been registered for the webcast
    1. NOTE: This process does not trigger a confirmation email to be sent. Refer to link below to trigger a confirmation email for this attendee.
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