Product Maintenance Release Notes - 11.8.18


  • Removed of the ability to setup multiple live event date rows for a presentation.  Additionally, the "preview" date option will be removed.  All presentations setup screens will now require a "Live" from and to date and an "On Demand" from and to date.  (TFS #1721)

  • With the removal of the multiple live presentation dates, a bypass setting has been added that allows users to enter a webcast while the dates are closed.  For Online Events and Video Portals it only bypasses the presentation/program dates (TFS #1793)



  • Addressing an issue when viewing a Video Portal environment as an attendee, where the inactive tab within a channel displays all inactive programs. This tab will now only be visible to Channel Managers and System Administrators. (TFS #1355)

  • Adding a new tab to channels for “Unavailable” programs.  Any program that is past the live run date and has not been set to on demand will display in this tab.  (TFS #1550)   


  • Adding auto-recovery to the dash player (Shaka player for Chrome and FF), to address issues that have been reported where the stream stops but never recovers and requires a manual refresh. (TFS #1996)
  • A modification was made with the editor processing to only allow 5 concurrent editor sessions to run at the same time.  The rest of the jobs will remain in a queue and not start processing until a slot opens. (TFS #2092)
  • Addressed an issue when copying an on demand webcast that contains screen share where the screen share cuepoint was not being properly synced up. (TFS #2130)
  • Addressed an issue within the cue point list editor where when adding a new cue point and saving the time, the time entered was not being saved. (TFS #2164)



  • As part of the presentation date update (TFS #1721) the workstream for the creation of a new webcast has been updated where the date/time of the webcast must be defined up front.


  • Within the Metrics a new UI has been added to match the look and feel of Studio Webcasting. 

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