What are Chapters?

When uploading slide content to a webcast, you have the ability to Set slide as a Chapter.  When this feature is enabled and the webcast is live, viewers will see the list of chapters and each chapter will highlight as the presenter advances to a slide that is set as a chapter.

During on demand playback, viewers can then jump to a specific chapter simply by clicking on it from within the chapter panel.

First, navigate to LAYOUT and make sure the Chapters panel is active.


Once active, by selecting Edit you can define how the chapters will display in the panel.  Thumbnail View will display an image of the slide content that was set as a chapter.  Text Only View will display the title of the slide content that was set as a chapter.


To set slide content as a chapter navigate to SLIDES>Edit Slide>Set slide as a Chapter.


This can also be done in the Studio Presenter Console in CONTENT>SLIDES>Edit Slide>Set slide as a Chapter.


When the live webcast starts, the chapters will highlight as the presenter advances to the appropriate slides set as a chapter.  The chapters aren't clickable during the live webcast.


When the webcast is placed on demand, viewers can click on an available chapter and be taken to that particular segment and/or time stamp in the webcast. 


**If chapters should only be accessible when the webcast is on demand, still set the slide content as a chapter but don't activate the chapters panel for the live webcast.  After the webcast has ran live and before placing the webcast on demand, activate the Chapters panel. Following, place the webcast on demand as seen fit.

**To use the chapter, the chapter slide must be available in the slide cue points.

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