Studio Webcasting Registration Options

This document outlines the registration options available for the Studio Webcasting platform.

Registration Options

• Brandlive registration form with required fields

• Brandlive login page, email only

• Brandlive login page, login ID only

• Brandlive login, anonymous – reporting will assign a unique identifier

• Brandlive registration page with registrant password– registrant creates their own custom password

• Two-Factor Authorization / dual opt-in is deployed; a registrant is set to "pending" until
they confirm via email that they accept (opt-in) to the registration

• SSO via SAML 2.0, ADFS (Active Directory), or OAuth

• Mass Upload / Pre-registration or ‘Invite Only’

• RESTful APIs

Additional security options

Email white/blacklisting:

Whitelist or blacklist individual email addresses
* you can't whitelist a domain but then blacklist individual emails within that domain


Domain blocking:

Allowed Domains

Blocked Domains

IP Addressed Blocked:

Specific Address

Address Range


IP Addresses Allowed:

Specific Address

Address Range


IP Addresses Allowed via RESTful APIs:

Specific Address(es)

Address Range(s)




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