Studio Chat Controls

When adding Studio Chat as a Display Layout Panel, you will be presented with the following control options.

In Studio Webcasting, select LAYOUT>Studio Chat>Edit


By default, the below options will NOT be enabled.

  1. Moderator must confirm before deleting chat
  2. Allow banning of users
  3. Require Opt in to chat - Require and Display Message


If enabled, the below will demonstrate the functionality of each.

1.  Moderator must confirm before deleting chat

Moderators have the ability to delete chat text, by selecting the trash can icon.  


If selected, the moderator must confirm (yes/no) if they wish to delete the chat text.


2.  Allow banning of users

By right-clicking on the viewer's name from the group chat, a drop-down will display.

  • Profile - view their profile
  • Delete - delete the chat text
  • Ban - ban the viewer from chatting in the group chat

When Ban is selected, the viewer can still insert text into the group chat but it will NOT display.  In addition, the viewer will not be notified if they have been banned.


To Unban a user, simply right-click on the viewer name and select Unban. 


In addition, click on the Opened Banned Users Search icon and search for the viewer you wish to unban.


Insert the viewer's name in the text box, and select the Unban icon.


3.  Require Opt In to Chat/Require and Display Message

Upon entrance of the webcast, the viewer must agree to the opt-in message to begin chatting in the group chat.  Once OK is selected, they can proceed to the group chat.


If the message is closed and not accepted, the viewer can click on the Opt-in to Chat! icon to accept at any time.


The opt-in text can be customized in the Studio Chat setup.


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