Steps to restrict login based on referrer in Studio Webcasting

Some users may want to restrict access to the login page for their webcast to only those users who can access it through a specific website or URL. To restrict access to the login page to a list of valid referrers, use the steps below:

1. Navigate to SETTINGS and then scroll down to “Manage Show Login Referrers”:



2. Click on MANAGE to open a new dialogue box and add the list of valid referrers, formatted with http:// or https:// and in all lower case:



3. Once you are done, click SAVE.


Now that you have configured this feature, only attendees that reach the login page through the valid referrer will be able to access the login page. All other users will get a webcast login error message alerting them that the referrer they used is invalid.

To customize this message, go to TOOLS >Text Override and scroll down to the bottom of the Event Login grouping:



Click SAVE before navigating to a new menu.


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