Event Date configuration for Virtual Event Community

The best way to have an open community is to insert multiple event date rows with a single after-event access date row. The event dates should be inserted for those live times that we are expecting attendees to come to the event in volume / when the client is expecting live event activity. They should not be used for the On Demand period (even if between live days). The After Event Access would be used for that purpose.

In the example below, the first live date is followed by the After Event Access dates. This ensures that no one is locked out after that first live date.

For the additional live date, another row is inserted. This additional row doesn't change the platform functionality (since the event is open due to the after-event access dates), but it's extremely important for reporting, support, and reconciliation/billing. The additional date rows help us know when to consider the event as having a "Live Day".

Alternatively, if it's going to have follow-the-sun type live days, then one can do multiple live days together in one row, like the below.

It should be done when all dates/times between the two are still considered the live day vs. an open community. Again, the After Event Access dates still keep the event open after the first live date, but we can see when to expect a live day. 

In either case, one needs to ensure to not have unintended gaps between the close of your first live date and the start of the after-event access date, so that there is not a time where attendees cannot access the event between live days (unless that is the intended result).

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