Test Feature of Studio Webcast

This article is to demonstrate the functionality of the 'Tests' feature of the Studio Webcast.

The Test feature is typically used to construct a test which the attendees get to access within the webcast.
It also allows users to earn a certificate if they passed a test. A test can also be used in CPE, as an exit action, or added in a panel for a webcast.

Please follow the screenshots below to get a better perspective of the usage of the 'Tests' features.

The feature can be accessed under the Tools>Tests (as indicated)


This page has all the necessary options to construct the Test.

You can display the various information related to the test such as the Passing Score, Pass Message, and Fail Message.

Scrolling down you will find further options such as the Review Message, Show user's score, and other options.


The second tab contains the setup for the questions for the test.

Click on the '+' option to add or set up the questions for the test.


You can customize the format of the question and answers as well as identify the correct answer in the Edit section.


Make sure to click on the 'SAVE' button to save all of the edits that you have made.

Depending upon the settings, the questions will appear when a user is presented with the test option.





 For a detailed explanation on the "CERTIFICATE" tab or how to use the certificate option, please use this URL:

Certificates and Configuration



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