Certificates and Certificate Configuration

CPE Certificates can be found in either CPE Setup or in the Tests feature in Webcasting>Tools.

You can use this option to set up the Certificate option as well as configure the certificates.

Please note the aspects of the Certificates page as indicated by the Arrows:

"Send Certificate" - Enable this to send Certificates to those who have passed the requirements that were established.

"Certificate Template" - Name the template of the Certificate.

"Certificate Message" - Add the message to be conveyed.

'+' - Use this to add Certificate frameworks for further configuration.

"Role assigned" - Use this option to assign to either attendees or Sponsors.






You can use this option for the configuration of the certificates to give it the desired look of your choice.


Note that you have the option to CREATE a completely new certificate from scratch or EDIT one of the existing certificates being used for other Tests/CPE requirements.

Creating a certificate:

You can also use the "CREATE" option to create a certificate of your choice. Once the certificate is configured, you will be able to Select that certificate to be awarded.


SET BACKGROUND: You can select the background of your choice to customize your own certificate.

INSERT TEXT/IMAGE: Use this option to insert the necessary information or acknowledgment needed to be placed on the certificate.

BROWSE TEMPLATES: This allows you to select our system template as an option in lieu of creating your own original certificate.

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