Approved payment gateways for a paid event

Clients are able to charge for any event that they host. In order to use the payment option through the Brandlive Platform, a PayPal account must be acquired. Below you will find additional information on the payment options.

1 - Does the customer have to have a PayPal account, or does Brandlive have an account?

The customer should have a PayPal account. There are two types of PayPal accounts we integrate with, Website Payments Pro and Payflow Pro. The account must be one of those two types.


2 - If we use Brandlive’s PayPal account, what are the processing fees? How does that work?

See above. The client should provide their own PayPal account.


3 - Is the refund option only available with Brandlive's PayPal account?

Refunds can be processed through the Registration Activity Menu of Brandlive Webcasting.  This feature works by connecting to the client’s PayPal account via the integration and providing the refund on the credit card used for registration. Doing the refund through the Brandlive system is the preferred method of refund so that it is tracked on both ends of the integration (Brandlive and PayPal).


Once an attendee has a charge associated with a registration record, an “Issue Refund” button will appear:


4 - When adding the Registration Package Details to the registration confirmation, does this attach as a PDF or in the body of the email?

The package details are included in the body copy of the email as a merge variable. The details appear as text. These are the items that appear in the variable:


   - Registration Date

   - ID

   - Package Purchased

   - Amount Paid To Date

   - Description

   - Package Add-Ons

   - Payment Type

   - RefCode

 Registration Receipt Package Details

5 - What happens when a person does not finish registration and/or the payment does not go through? Does it register in Brandlive?

When the details of the registration form are submitted but payment is not finalized (due to incomplete/inaccurate information and/or payment decline), the Payment Status in Registration Activity will be set to Pending or Cancelled. Only users with registration records that have an Accepted status can access the event. More information on these two statuses can be found below:

 What does it mean when a registration payment status is canceled or pending?

Regarding the pending registrations, a user will know without notification that it didn’t complete because they didn’t submit the payment page. So, they are choosing to not complete the registration.

With canceled registrations, (due to incomplete/inaccurate information and/or payment decline), they should receive a notification prompt, such as the below:

6 - What merchant name shows up on the customer’s credit card? Can that be changed?

For the Payflow account type, this is likely set by Paypal. We would recommend contacting PayPal directly if you are considering Payflow as the account type. For the Website Payments Pro account type, the merchant name is input in the account on the PayPal side as the Credit Card Statement Name and/or the Extended Credit Card Statement Name.

These fields are configured by the account owner. For example, our account has a Credit Card Statement Name of Brandlive and an Extended Credit Card Statement Name of Brandlive VIRTUAL EVENT. It will look like this on the user account:


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