Critical Brandlive Web Application Firewall (WAF) Updates – ATTENTION IT

Dynamic IPs:

With the implementation of WAF for, there will no longer be any static IP addresses for this domain or any subdomains. This requires any static IP filtering used for split tunneling or firewalls to be replaced by Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs).

URLs changing to Dynamic IPs:



Additional URL for SLIDE acceleration:

To improve customer webcast performance, slides will now be delivered over an accelerated URL. This requires the addition of this URL to any URL security filtering or split tunneling logic.

Added URL:



This WAF implementation has the potential to require updates to the following security controls:

  • VPN IP split tunnel rules
  • Perimeter Firewall IP rules
  • Desktop Agent/Firewall rules
  • PAC File Logic
  • API connections that point to “” should re-point to
  • Cloud or onsite Proxies
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