Marketo Configuration Instructions - Virtual Events

This document provides the steps to configure Marketo in Brandlive

Virtual Events (VX).


To set up the integration, you will need the following items:

  • Marketo feature activated by Brandlive
  • Administrative permission to your Brandlive tenant
  • Administrative permission to your Marketo system
  • A Marketo user account with REST API settings enabled and Marketo credentials, which
    include an Endpoint address, Client ID, and Client Secret.


Follow the steps below to configure Marketo in Brandlive Virtual Events.

  1. Log in to Brandlive Virtual Events and select the applicable Event.
  2. The Event Tools menu on the left-hand side allows the configuration of advanced options, including Marketing Automation. Select Event Tools and scroll down to select Marketing Integrations.
  3. Under the Marketo Transfers section, click Add a Transfer to create a new Marketo Data Transfer.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow in the Setup section to expand the options for the Data Transfer. Note: To copy setup from a previous Event, select Copy From and select the applicable Event.
  5. Enter a description in the Description field and click Advanced Settings Security to expand the options and enter the Marketo REST Endpoint, Marketo User Client ID, and Marketo User Client Secret.
  6. Select the options as applicable to the event:
    • Login Restriction: If selected, the Data Transfer will only be performed for the Event participants who have logged in at least once. 
    • With Activity: If selected, the Data Transfer will only send new data. If unselected, the Data Transfer will include all information.
      • Note: When unselected, the checkbox will automatically default back to being selected after the Data Transfer is completed. 
    • With Event Activity (available when mapping a presentation only): If selected, the Data Transfer will only be performed for event participants who viewed the presentation. 
    • Set External ID to Marketo Lead ID: If selected, the External ID will be changed to the Marketo Lead ID on the Data Transfer. 
    • Populate Schedule when Event is copied: This option will populate the schedule when the Event is cloned.
    • Presentation: Leave as "(None)" if an event level transfer. Select a presentation from the dropdown if a presentation level transfer.
    • Field Set: Choose the set of Marketo fields you want to map the leads to.
    • Partition: Choose the Marketo partition that you want to send the leads to.
    • Post Transfer Processing: Choose the type of transfer to Marketo. You can call a campaign, set the status of a program, or do nothing.
  7. Click the drop-down arrow in the Mapping section to expand the options
    • Select either Lookup by Marketo Email or Lookup by Marketo ID
    • Click the "ADD" button to the right of the Marketo fields you would like to map with a Brandlive field
    • Select the INXPO field to map to the Marketo field
    • Once all fields are mapped move on to the Schedule section
  8. Click the drop-down arrow in the Schedules section to expand the options
    • Enter the frequency, start date and time, end date and time, and click Save.
      Note: Frequency dictates when the Data Transfer runs, and start/end dates and times determine when the Data Transfer run is executed.

    • Click Submit. Marketo is now configured in Brandlive Virtual Events.
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