How do I create an affiliate for my registration page?

Q: How do I create an affiliate for my registration page?

A: To add affiliate information to the registration page, you will need to add the following information to the end of your registration link; "&AffiliateData=XXXXX".

The link created should reflect the below, where you would replace the red XXXXX with your affiliate tracking text.

Note: Your affiliate tag must consist of alphanumeric characters only, symbols may cause the full tag to not be reflected in the data portal.


If your registration page contains a Group Identifier, you will need to append the affiliate data information after the GroupID portion of the URL.


The Affiliate Data information will be tracked within reporting under the 'Affiliate Data' column. It is also tracked in the registration report dashboard.


It is recommended that you test all affiliate links to confirm that the affiliate information is passing into the data portal as expected.

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