Lobby Experience Informational Guide

Lobby Experience allows you to turn a one-time webcast into a unique, value-driven experience, where you can deliver engaging content with interactive and informative, pre and post-webcast environments. Capture and gauge your audience’s interest before and after a live presentation through a range of widgets, including a countdown clock, chat, Q&A, surveys, videos, and more!

  • There is one (1) Lobby Experience to one (1) webcast. The Lobby Experience per webcast is comprised of one (1) pre and one (1) post-webcast Lobby destination.
  • Lobby Experience is available exclusively as an add-on for only our leading Studio webcasting solution. Third-party webcasts are not supported.
  • Lobby Experience is supported on webcasts with up to 10,000 live attendees.

Please see the full guide attachment below to learn more, and visit the rest of the Lobby Experience articles for frequently asked questions.

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