What widgets are available for Lobby Experience?

With Lobby Experience, each pre and post-webcast Lobby is fully-responsive and powered by individual widgets that populate everything from the Webcast Title at the top to the Social Media Footer at the bottom, and all of the content and controls in between.

Lobby widgets are arranged on the page in rows. There is no limit to the number of rows that can be created, and there can be either one or two widgets per row.

The pre-webcast Lobby and post-webcast Lobby are completely independent of each other and can contain different widgets within each. Any design elements (logo, background) and settings for a widget that appears in both locations will need to be applied separately to each. Please refer to the 'availability' column below for which location each widget can be used.

Please see the Lobby Experience Informational Guide for instructions on editing, adding, or deleting each of the different widgets within the Pre or Post Lobby locations.

All Available Widgets

Widget Type &
Suggested Label



Webcast Title
No widget label

Pre & Post Lobby

The title of the webcast associated with this Lobby will automatically populate.

No widget label

Pre & Post Lobby

Play a short welcome clip or a longer video, with configurable options to automatically play upon login and mute/unmute audio by default.

Countdown Timer
No widget label

Pre Lobby

Display the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the start time of the webcast, with different button states along the way; Add to Calendar, Starting Soon, Enter Now, Live Now, On Demand Coming Soon, View On Demand.

This widget is required in the Pre Lobby, for attendees to access the button to enter the webcast.

Webcast Abstract

Pre & Post Lobby

Automatically populate the summary or overview added as the Abstract to the webcast associated with this Lobby.

Webcast Speakers

Pre & Post Lobby

Automatically populate any presenter bios, photos, titles, and company name details added as Speakers to the webcast associated with this Lobby.

“Ask The Experts”

Pre Lobby

Available options:

Collect questions behind the scenes, and access them via the same Q&A report pulled for questions submitted within the webcast.

Collect questions and also choose to moderate and publish individual submissions with corresponding answers. Published items appear in the Pre Lobby widget and the Q&A panel within the webcast.

Webcast Handouts
“Featured Content”

Pre & Post Lobby

Automatically populate all documents and links added as Handouts to the webcast associated with this Lobby.

Lobby Attachments
“Additional Resources”

Pre & Post Lobby

Share additional resources within the Lobby that are supplemental to, but different from, the documents and links added as Handouts to the webcast.

Group Chat
“Community Chat”

Pre & Post Lobby

Engage with and encourage interaction between users leading up to the webcast and/or continue the discussion after the webcast has concluded. Reporting includes full transcripts and individual comments can be deleted from the Lobby view if moderation is necessary.

Twitter Timeline
“What’s Trending?”

Pre & Post Lobby

Get real-time feed of tweets from a specific Twitter account/handle. (Does not support hashtag feeds.)

Image/Sponsor Logo
No widget label

Pre & Post Lobby

Include a sponsor image or additional branding and graphics that can link out to an external URL.

Carbon Savings
“Carbon Savings”

Pre & Post Lobby

Showcase the CO2 savings achieved by users attending virtually, as compared to traveling to an in-person event. Attendees will be prompted to share their location if they would like to be included in the calculation.

Mini Survey
“What Do You Think?”

Pre & Post Lobby

Collect insights and feedback with a survey that appears in-line with the other Lobby widgets and can still contain multiple questions, selection options, and open text fields.

Modal Survey
No widget label

Post Lobby Only

Draw attention to a larger survey within the post-webcast Lobby, that overlays the rest of the widgets until submitted or manually closed.

Explore Webcasts
“Explore More”

Post Lobby Only

Highlight other popular upcoming and on-demand webcasts that users may be interested in exploring next.

Webcasts must exist within the same tenant. Clicking each webcast will open a new tab/window to that webcast’s registration page.

Social Media Footer
No widget label

Pre & Post Lobby

Configure Social Media icons to point to relevant LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts or pages. Additional icons are available by request.

Note: HTML and IFrame options coming soon.


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