Can Lobby Experience be used with more than one webcast?

Lobby Experience is to extend the engagement period for a single webcast. The Lobby Experience per webcast is comprised of one (1) pre- and one (1) post-webcast Lobby destination.

Within the post-webcast Lobby of each webcast, other popular or similar webcasts in a series can be linked to via the Explore Webcasts widget or Image widgets:

Explore Webcasts widget
Highlight other popular upcoming and on-demand webcasts that users may be interested in exploring next. Clicking each will open a new tab/window to that webcast’s Studio registration page. With the Explore Webcasts widget, webcasts must exist within the same tenant as the Post-webcast Lobby they are being linked from. 


Image widget
Other popular upcoming and on-demand webcasts that exist in different tenants or have an external/3rd party registration URL, can be highlighted in the Post-webcast Lobby via the Image widget. 



Please see the Lobby Experience Informational Guide for full details on editing and adding different widgets within the Pre or Post Lobby locations.



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