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There are several ways to utilize the Invite a Friend feature. This article will provide the steps on how to edit the Invite a Friend Email Message, add the Panel to the Studio Webcasting Layout, and add the Invite a Friend link to a webcast Registration and Login page. 


Edit the Invite a Friend Email Message 

1. Within your webcast, navigate to “Invite a Friend” under TOOLS



2. Edit the text in “Email Subject Line,” “Registration Link Override,” and/or “Email Message Template” as desired. Click “Save.”

Note: Variables listed at the bottom are the only ones available. Do not add unique variables, the system will not recognize them. 



 Add Invite a Friend Link to Registration and/or Login Page 

1. Once you are in the Invite a Friend Tools area, click on “Preview” in the bottom left corner.blobid2.png

2. Copy the URL at the top of the window to your clipboard. blobid3.png

3. Then, go to the Registration and/or Login tab of the webcast. Click on the page and click “Customize.”blobid4.png

4. Select the section of the page, where you wish the Invite a Friend link to appear. Then, select “Edit Content” to open the HTML Editor.


5. Insert your desired text, highlight it, and click on the “Insert/Edit Link” button.blobid6.png

6. Paste the Invite a Friend URL from your clipboard and click Save. blobid7.png

Activate Invite a Friend Panel to a Studio Webcast Layout 

1. Open the Workspace Editor by navigating to the LAYOUT tab. Then, click “Customize.”blobid8.png

2. Navigate to the Layout tab in the upper left corner.blobid9.jpg

3. In the top right corner, click the “Add Content” icon. Then, select Invite a Friend.   



4. In the top right corner, click the “Theme” icon. Select a preconfigured theme to customize the look of the panel and panel button.



5. Go to the “Panels” tab to adjust settings as desired.blobid15.jpg

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