Can I add a link to a UDF text field?

Q: Can I add a link to a UDF text field? 

A: You can't add a link to a UDF text field but you can add a UDF to an HTML/Text block.

1. Add an HTML/Text Block to the registration page.

2. In the HTML content, insert this code:

<input onclick="AgreeTerms()" value="1" name="UDF1000" type="checkbox" checked="true">

3. Then, enter the HTML code for the actual text/ link within the text ( for example purposes).

<p>I agree to receive marketing information via email from Acme Marketing and its affiliates relating to their products and services. I may withdraw my consent at any time with future effect. For further details, refer to the&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Privacy Notice. </a></p>












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