Studio Configuration Checklist


The Studio Configuration Checklist is a tool System Administrators can use to confirm their webcasts are scheduled correctly for their needs. We recommend completing this quality checklist for all scheduled webcasts. You are welcome to add use case specific items to this checklist to meet your needs.

Checklist Basics

1. As a System Administrator, access the webcast you wish to quality check. The checklist follows the webcast configuration navigation menu, initial Presenter Console setup, and tenant level system settings.
2. Use this checklist to confirm settings connected to your webcast are correctly configured. You are welcome to add additional line items to ensure your webcast-specific items are noted on this checklist.
3. You only need to confirm items you are using for your webcast! Mark items you do not need to check as N/A or Not Applicable.
4. Use the Issue and Comments column to document errors, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies you encounter.
5. Complete the applicable corrections and check your work again.


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