Setting Up Live Closed Captions When Using a Third-Party Vendor

1. Access Studio Webcasting Admin
2. Open Layout > Click Customize


3. In the workspace Editor > Click Layout and the box with ''+'' sign as shown in the below screenshot


4.​ In the Add Content window > Choose Web Address URL


5. A loading Web Address window would pop up ​> Click Settings


6. In the Properties Tab under Panel Title Type Closed Captioning or the Panel Title you prefer > make sure it is set as Active


7. Access Button and update the Panel Icon with this URL: 


8.  Access Content Options > Go to the Address URL and update the URL > Apply > Close and make sure to Save changes on the top left


**You will see that the WEB URL is already configured, and it will show a text -- ''You are connected to the event'' and now it is ready for use.

9. Switch to the Panels tab mceclip1.png and complete the following:

  • Replace the Panel Icon link with this URL:
  • If you have received the captioning link from the closed captioning vendor, replace the Address (URL) with the captioning link provided by the vendor.
    • The captioning link(s) are usually provided by the vendors one to two business days prior to the live event date. 
    • Note: If you have not received the captioning link, you may replace the URL later directly in the tenant\webcast LAYOUT section>Closed Captioning>click Edit: tempsnip.png

Note: Make sure to add and provide the vendor with a staffer Closed Captioning (Viewer) URL for accessing the event. Additionally, provide the client’s presentation(s) to the vendor.


Make sure to Save changes on the top left 

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