Important Change - Integrated Telephony Sources in Studio

The Integrated Telephony source type is no longer available for new sources in Studio as of the 15.5 Product Release.

Existing Integrated Telephony sources that have been created before that time will still appear in the presenter console and work as expected until 23 April 2022. Please ensure that any existing webcasts with a live date after 23 April 2022 are updated (including Templates), as any existing lines will no longer work once this change is made.

For webcasts that require a conference bridge, the Phone option will still be available in Studio with built-in providers as part of the Phone source, shown below. Direct Dial will still be available as well.



Should you have any questions or need an alternative set of conference bridges, please open a ticket via our webform and a knowledgeable Solutions Support Specialist will be happy to assist:

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