How to Upload Handouts – Presenter Console

Uploading handouts can be completed within the presenter console.

Once you are in the console, you may click on the Content icon on the far left-side then Handouts. Then select the blue plus (+). Once that is clicked, it will provide a drop-down option as a handout item to upload, which can be either a File or Webpage.




Click on the File option. You can put the title and description of the handout then drag and drop your file into the File Upload area or click Choose File, then Save. This will start the upload. 



NOTE: Upload a file in JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPTX, or PPSX format. While the file is uploading, you can continue to create additional content for your webcast.

Once it's done, it should look like this: 


For the Webpage type of handout, you can put the title, description, and URL of your selected handout then click on Save.



Once it's done, the output should look like this:


If you want to delete the File or WebPage handouts, you may simply click that trash Icon next to the handout.


For more information about Handouts, you may watch the attached video on this article. 

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