Connecting a Zoom Meeting to Studio via SIP

In order to connect a Zoom meeting to Studio via a SIP connection please follow the below steps.

  1. Within Zoom, go to "Meetings" and select "Schedule a Meeting"mceclip2.png

  2. Fill out the meeting properties and select Save.

  3.  From there, select "Copy Invitation".

  4. Within the "Copy Invitation" text scroll down and copy the SIP information.  This is what will get used when configuring the source within Studio.
  5. Use your staffer link and enter the Studio presenter console.  Once logged in, select "Add New" within the Sources section and choose "Video Conferencing".

  6. Fill out the properties for the source.  For the "Title" and "From Name" you can use any description.  For the "Address" enter in the SIP information from your meeting invitation.
  7.  Once you are ready to to connect your Zoom meeting, go back into Zoom and start the meeting.  

  8. When the meeting is starting in Zoom, select "Make Call" in Studio and you will see the Zoom feed display within the source thumbnail.
  9.  From there you can place the Zoom source in the scene by selecting the + icon and the feed will appear in the scene.


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