Can I upload media to my webcast for On Demand viewing?

Q: How do I upload a video file to my webcast and save it as the webcast media?

A: Yes, you can upload a pre-recorded media file for On Demand viewing.


From the Presenter Console, check the webcast Settings and confirm it's set to Video and Audio.  To do so, navigate to SETUP, then SETTINGS.  Under Media Type, confirm it's set to Video and Audio.



Once confirmed, navigate to TOOLS, then MANAGE MEDIA. Once in this window, add a media file:




Once your media is uploaded, it will begin the conversion process for Adaptive Bitrate:mceclip2.png

This step will begin an editor session. When the encoding process has completed, your file will be available as the most recent Media Version.

Click in this new Media Version and select it for use in the webcast, and hit save:


Now, navigate to the SETTINGS panel in the Console Menu and confirm that the webcast is set to On Demand and that the correct On Demand Media Version is selected:


As a final step, watch your webcast on demand to confirm that your file is playing back properly.


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