How do I screen share in Studio with FireFox?

Q: How do I screen share on Firefox with Studio?

A: Click the Start Screen Share button in the top right corner where you see ‘My Devices’. Select which screen you want to share and click allow to start screen sharing.

In Firefox

If this is the first time screen sharing with Firefox on Brandlive Studio then you will need to allow screen sharing in your browser.

To do this, click the Start Screen Share button from the presenter console.



This will prompt FireFox to ask you for permission to screen share.


It is important to select the screen you want to share before clicking Allow.


Once you've selected your screen to share, click Allow to begin screen sharing.



Firefox will remind you that you are screen sharing when you see the white box appear saying 'You are sharing your entire screen'.

Now that the screen share has started, the floating white box says Stop Screen Share.

The screen share DOES NOT display to the speaker or other staffers in the presenter console.  For the attendee, the screen share will automatically open and display in a Screen Share panel.


 Click Stop Screen Share when complete.  For the attendee, the Screen Share panel will automatically close.

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