When do attendees have access to the Chat Panel?

Q: When do attendees have access to the Chat Panel?

A: At the early entrance time users will be able to enter the console. The Chat Panel will allow users to chat with each other in a Live, Simulive, and Simulive Auto Start, regardless of whether a staff member is logged into the console.

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  • Updated article per ITS# 13691 which was pushed to Production per Release 13.4.1.

    Previous chat caveats are below:

    LIVE Presentation Mode:
    For a Live Presentation, an attendee will not see the chat display, unless there is a staff member in the console.

    SIMULIVE Presentation Mode:
    For a Simulive Presentation, the chat will display when a Moderator is in the Console.

    SIMULIVE; Auto Start Presentation Mode:
    For a Simulive Auto Start presentation, the chat will display once the webcast has started. If there is a moderator in the console, before the Auto Start begins, the chat will display and be available to attendees.

    OnDemand Presentation Mode:
    For an OnDemand presentation, the chat will always be available to attendee's.

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