Best Practice: Panel Command Cuepoints Must Be Reconfigured After Layout Changes Are Made

Panel Command Cuepoints must be reconfigured if layout changes are made that impact associated panels. If the Cuepoints are not reconfigured, the Panel Command will not appear as expected in playback. Impactful changes include: deleting the panel (even if the panel is later replaced with the same panel type), inactivating the panel and/or replacing the layout entirely by selecting a new Layout Template. 

If impactful changes are made to the panel, the Cuepoint will still remain in the editor but the "Panel" drop down will be empty. 

To reconfigure the Cuepoint:

1. Enter the Media Editor > Select the Media Version to Edit > Click "Cuepoint List" > Locate the Panel Command in the Cuepoint List.

2. Click the "pencil" icon to edit the Cuepoint.


3. In the Panel drop down menu, select the appropriate Panel and Save.


Note: Although activating or inactivating an unrelated panel should not prompt disassociation of the Cuepoint, it is best practice to review all Panel Command Cuepoints after any changes are made to the webcast's layout (workspace).



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