Can I use my VCU as a source in Studio?

Can I use my VCU as a source in Studio?

A: Yes, but extensive testing is required in advance.

VCU systems/configurations are all unique. The same model unit could have differences for each configuration.

For example, firmware may change from one day to the next due to a specific vendor’s release cycle, or network restrictions could cause varying experiences. Because of this, all VCUs should be tested prior to planning usage. We cannot guarantee a VCU will work, so we do require testing for EVERY VCU system to ensure you and your clients have a successful event.

We recommend contacting the Solutions team if a speaker plans to use a VCU as a video source inside of Studio. A test can then be scheduled to confirm that the unit is able to connect to Studio successfully, prior to being used in a live webcast or recording.

NOTE: VCUs are meant to function similarly to a webcam when used inside of Studio. Studio is not a VCU bridge and functions differently than standard VCU endpoints.

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