Speaker passed the speaker test but has a delayed browser connection to Studio

Question:  The speaker has passed the applicable speaker test and confirmed that all ports, domains, and IPs have been whitelisted but they have a delayed intermittent browser connection to Studio.  What is the next step or action the speaker should take?

Answer: The speaker should work with their IT team to determine what’s affecting their connection to Studio.

During the test, a client’s browser requests a connectivity check from the Brandlive server, and in return, the Brandlive server sends a response that triggers the connectivity check from Brandlive to the client browser.  If the client's browser connectivity request arrives at the Brandlive server but the client's browsers didn’t respond to our connectivity check, something is intermittently blocking this traffic which is causing the intermittent browser connection.  The most common scenario is that the client browser is blocking the response from being sent to Brandlive or is blocking the connectivity checks initiated at the Brandlive server.

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