Viewing Studio webcasts in Safari using High Sierra

When viewing a Studio webcast as an attendee using Safari with High Sierra, the following items have been identified:

  • A webcast utilizing a video slide as the welcome slide, before the webcast starts, the video won’t play
  • A webcast utilizing a media panel that contains a media file or webcam, once the webcast has started, the video won’t play
  • OnDemand playback won’t Auto Start but the attendee can click to play due to the play button option

This is because the default option on a current visited website is set to “Stop Media with Sound”.  To work around this, it’s suggested that attendees change the default option to “Allow All Auto-Play” for the current website.

For Online Events, this includes welcome videos and video collections, in the following areas:

  • Host Spaces
  • Sponsor Spaces



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