Can a webcast attendee be a Q&A moderator without accessing the Studio presenter console?

QUESTION: Can I setup a Q&A moderator but only allow them to see the platform as an attendee would?

ANSWER: Yes, this access type can be achieved when creating a staffer and selecting the role "Q&A" only. 

If the staffer role "Q&A Only" is not an option in the Role drop down list you can create a custom user with this role set.

To create this "Q&A Only" role choose "Custom" from the users drop down role selector. Make sure each access box is deselected except for the "Q&A" box. Click 'Save' to save the staffer role.

NOTE: This Q&A Attendee Moderator is now able to login to the webcast using their unique login link at any time. They can also login to the webcast through the Login page like regular attendees and will be restricted to the open and close times set for the webcast just as attendee are restricted.


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