Downloading Webcast Media in Studio

Once you have recorded a presentation using Studio, you can download the media file or the full presentation (depending on your webcast layout). Use this guide to determine the suitable download based on your needs and how to generate the recording on your own.

OPTION 1: Downloading a Media Version

The easiest way to download your webcast media is to download the Media Version being streamed to the attendees. This type of download will not include any additional panels outside the audio/video window.

This option is best used when you need to obtain a recording of a streamed presentation, or a panel discussion, etc.

The final version of the file will correspond to the Frame Size settings of your Studio presentation. If you set your presentation to 360p, the outcome will be a MP4 file that is 640x360 pixels in size.

Only the content inside the media window will be downloaded!



Enter the Presenter Console with a Staffer link tied to your own email address. This is an important step, as you will be emailed a unique link to download the media once completed.

Go to the TOOLS menu on the left hand navigation and click on MANAGE MEDIA.


Click on the Media Version you want to download.


On the selected Media Version, click on download icon.


This will generate an Editor Session. Once the recording is generated you will receive an email with a unique link to download the media. 


Upon receiving an email confirmation that your media is available for download, click the link and save the file.



OPTION 2: Downloading a Webcast Recording

If you want to download an MP4 file that includes content panels (such as slides, or screenshare) outside the Audio/Video panel, use this option. This type of download will include branding and any additional panels or panel commands you select when requesting it.

This option is best utilized when you're looking to obtain a recording that is audio and/or video with slides, or want to include console branding elements in the final recording.

The final version is dependent on the layout settings of your console. You can keep it within the confines of the viewport settings (typically 1280x660) or you can default to fit all panel content.  If you're unsure which approach to take, It's recommended that you contact our Solutions Team to work on a standard for your team.

First, set your Presentation Type to On Demand and confirm the correct Media Version is selected.  This is important as it will determine the generated recording.  Once confirmed, click Save.


Once the presentation is set to On Demand, click on TOOLS on the left hand navigation and select WEBCAST RECORDING.


From the WEBCAST RECORDING menu, select the Layout type for your recording:

  • Full Console: includes the media and all panels and branding.
  • Media and Slide Panel: includes branding and Media and Slide panels only.
  • Slide Panel Only: includes the media as a voice-over and Slide panel only.


After selecting a layout type, enable the toggle switches as necessary:

  • Disable Panel Commands: Panel Command actions (maximize, spotlight, close, etc) will be disabled and not included in the final recording.
  • Restrict Panel Fullscreen to Viewport: Dependent on the dimensions of your Viewport, a recording will generate based on those dimensions. If there is branding and/or assets outside of the Viewport, this may result in cut off panels in the final recording. It's recommended that you contact our Solutions Team if you need to change the viewport settings in your layouts.
  • Hide Panel Button Bar: If enabled, the final recording will include the panel button bar located at the bottom of the console. Be mindful, button functionality will be disabled.
  • Ignore Workspace Viewport Settings: If enabled, the final recording will ignore the viewport settings in your layout and generate a recording that contains all panels.


Once you're ready to generate a recording, insert a Contact Email.  By doing this, you will be notified once the recording is ready for download. 


Click on MANAGE to manage the completion status of the recording.


When the STATUS is set to Complete, the file is ready for download.  Click the download icon and save to your computer.



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