Editing a Webcam/Mic Source

The Source Details can be reached by clicking on the "3 dots icon".  To edit the details, select the "pencil icon". 


The following details are editable:

  • Source Title
  • Default Source Media - the media that will display if the webcam/mic source is not available.
  • Media Mode - use this setting to select one of the following (NOTE: This setting is extremely useful to reduce the bandwidth needed by source if you don’t need to send both audio and video):
    • Send and receive video/audio
    • Send audio only, receive video/audio
    • Send/receive audio only
    • Send no media, receive audio only
  • Send Frame Size - select the frame size the webcam sends to the attendees (will default to 360p).
  • Upstream Video Bitrate - insert a hard limit on the webcam bitrate.  This should only be adjusted if the webcam is experiencing loss in video, specifying a hard limit will often improve the stability.


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