Editing a HLS Output

The Output Details can be reached by clicking on the "3 dots icon". To edit the details, select the "pencil icon".


The following details are editable:

  • Title
  • Encoding Profile  - select the default encoding profile which settings define how the encoder compresses and delivers the webcast to attendees
  • CDN – select the applicable Content Delivery Network/server in which the webcast will be delivered from
  • Highest Quality Level – select the webcast quality that is delivered to the attendees
  • Include Filters – create multiple DASH/HLS output filters that allow for a different quality stream to be targeted to a specific audience. For example, if all attendees viewing from a specific company need to get the loNotified quality stream due to bandwidth constraints, a filter can be set up within the output so all attendees with that specific company name in their profile receive the loNotified quality stream.
  • Precedence – set how the output ranks and in what order the qualifying attendees should try to use


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