Attendee Experience - Promote Attendee to Stage

The Promote Attendee to Stage panel provides attendees the ability to request to join presenters on webcam and microphone to ask to questions & provide their thoughts during a live webcast.


Request to Join

Each webcast is unique & the panel location & label may vary. When the panel is active, Attendees can select the Request to Join button to join the question queue.



The webcast organizers will review the request queue to determine if a user’s request is Accepted or Rejected.


Attendees can click the Cancel Request button to remove themselves from the requested list. Attendees can elect to join the queue again after withdrawing their request.



Accepted Requests

Attendees are advised to remain on this panel when their request is ApprovedAttendees in the queue should be ready to come to Stage to connect with Speakers.

If a request is Accepted, Attendees can select their preferred Audio & Video device options.



The selected device will display in the panel, which includes a private Chat connected directly to the Speakers and Moderators. Attendees can expect Speakers and Moderators to engage with them & all other users in the Approved queue in this chat.



Attendees in the Approved queue should listen for verbal & text cues from the Speakers to know when they will be moved into Stage with Speakers. Attendees can Leave the Accepted queue at any time before they are brought to Stage.


Engaging with Speakers

When prompted by the Speakers, the Attendee will be added to the webcast scene. When in the Scene, Attendees can verbally communicate with Speakers also present in the Scene.  



When the engagement ends, the Attendee will be removed from the Scene & returned to the Audience view. The Attendee can select the Request to Join button again to ask a new question.


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